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Imagine that you are transported into the future, to the year 2050. You tour metropolitan areas, paying particular attention to the suburbs. Foolishly, you forget to bring a camera. But you take notes on your observations of what seems familiar and what is new.

Consider various aspects of the suburb, including:
a. Relationship between suburb and central city
b. The income/education level of suburbs relative to the nation
c. Relationship between suburb and nature
d. Suburbs and density and urban form
e. Suburbs and work places
f. Suburbs and mobility (public & private, walking, bike, transit, car, rail, etc.)
g. The role of suburbs to exclude (i.e., suburbs and diversity and insiders/outsiders)
h. The infrastructure of suburbs (roads, water, sewer, energy, waste, communications, new utility formats, etc.)
i. The globalization of suburbs: export of the American model or emergence of new forms?

Theme: Linear by Peter Vidani